1" Teak Decking S4S E4E, Unfinished
Teak Decking S4S

1" Teak Decking S4S E4E, Unfinished

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Our Genuine Teak wood products are ideal for your residential or commercial construction project.

We use Tectona Grandis, which is the real teak. Here is species info 

Our teak wood is grown sustainably, reforesting pasture lands and never comes from a natural forest. 

Our Genuine solid Teak 1" (4/4) Decking is Finished to 3/4" net size. 

2", 3", and 4" available widths. 

Our teak deck board lengths are 6', 8' and 10'. 

Pricing is per square foot. Contact us for lead time. Typically 8-12 weeks.