About Us

Olin Cohan and Aram Terry were Peace Corps colleagues in Nicaragua in the early 2000's. During their service in the Pacific Coast estuary reserve of Padre Ramos, they founded a scholarship program for biology and ecology students, trained small business owners, taught in the local schools, assisted a turtle conservation project, and built a small community run eco-hostel.


Olin is the founder of various successful business ventures in Nicaragua, including a small hotel in the colonial city of Leon, a coffee farm in the Northern Esteli region, and a construction company, Pochote Homes, building custom homes for expats and spec homes on the beaches of North West Nicaragua.
Aram and his father Michael established Maderas Sostenibles S.A to plant tree farms on deforested cattle lands. In 2014 his brother Justin, an artist, and wife Abril Zepeda, a designer,  joined the team to create the furniture brand Masaya & Co., which Maderas Sostenibles produces and exports.